Multitenancy with Rails - 2nd edition

Written by Ryan Bigg
The second edition of the best-selling Multitenancy with Rails book, full of new tricks + approaches to the multitenancy problems.

This book will demonstrate how to add multitenancy features to an existing Rails application, and also how to charge money for those features using the Braintree and Stripe payment gateways.

What's a multi-tenanted application? Think of applications like GitHub, where each user or organisation can have their own separate area within the application. Or how about Heroku where each user has their own separate app group. Those are multi-tenanted applications.

In this book we'll be adding multitenancy features to an already-established Rails codebase using some seriously good best practices, working with tools and processes like Behaviour-Driven Development, and PostgreSQL schemas. Along the way we'll discover that while something may seem like the best tool for the job, it may have show-stopping caveats.

In Chapter 5, the book covers how to use Braintree to make processing subscription payments for your multitenanted site a breeze. If Braintree isn't your thing, then Chapter 6 uses Stripe to do the same thing.

What's different between this book and the 1st edition? AKA: Why should I buy this book?

If you've bought the first edition already and would like a discounted copy ($10) then please email me with your receipt and I can hook you up. If you want to pay full-price for it, then go ahead :)

In the first edition, we build an application from scratch and inside that application we add our own authentication system using Warden. In the second edition, we use an existing, established application and add multitenancy features to that. This means that there's less waffling about authentication and we get straight to the implementation of multitenancy within this etablished application quicker.

By doing it this way, you get to see how these features can be added to an already existing application, which is probably why you're reading the book in the first place!

The first edition covers only Braintree's Transparent Redirect. This system is being deprecated by Braintree, and so in the second edition that chapter has received an entire rewrite to use Braintree's payment form and their subscriptions features. There's also an additional chapter that covers Stripe subscriptions, if that's more your thing.