Flawless Ruby

Instructed by Avdi Grimm
Flawless Ruby is the course after the intro-to-Ruby course. Deepen your understanding of Ruby's style, expressiveness, and unique idioms with 24 lessons in four areas:

  • Very Able Variables: Solidify your understanding of how variables and constants work in Ruby. Learn how to accurately visualize variable behavior, how to make use of “splats” to destructure datastructures, and how to understand the way Ruby looks up constants.
  • I Literally Can't Even: Express yourself more readably with Ruby's rich literal syntaxes. See how to readably format large integers, how to safely and legibly work with multiline blocks of text, how to de-noise regular expressions, and more.
  • Flow Arts: Pick the right control flow construct for the right job. Learn the important difference between symbolic and English and/or operators; discover advanced uses of the break and keyword; learned how to automatically redo operations until they succeed, and more!
  • Core Strength: Learn about core Ruby classes you might not be making full use of. Master boolean values, construct ad-hoc value objects with Struct, and discern the relationships betweeen blocks, procs, and lambdas.