Instructed by Mike Clark
“I'd nearly given up trying to learn Rails. Every course or tutorial out there left me confused and frustrated.”

Every time we hear this—and we hear this almost daily—it breaks our heart.

It's sad because the Ruby on Rails framework was intentionally designed for optimal programmer happiness and beautiful code! And yet, when it comes to learning Rails, you're left spinning your wheels.

It's your fault, right?

Learning Rails should be filled with many wonderful "Aha!" moments. But there's a good chance other courses spoiled that by either (unintentionally, of course) treating you like a 6-headed superhuman or a half-brained dimwit.

If you really had 6 brains, you could juggle multiple concepts at the same time. And yet, in our 21 years of teaching, we've only run across such creatures in sci-fi movies. In reality, we all just have one brain. It can multi-task when it's in survival mode. But in learning mode, your brain benefits from deliberate focus.

A Rails course that shoves in non-Rails topics and claims to give you "more value for your money" is really saying "we're going to throw a bunch of stuff at you and hope like crazy some of it sticks."

You know what really ends up sticking? The idea that Rails is magical and mysterious. And now you're really stuck because you can't start or maintain a Rails app with any degree of confidence.

So other Rails courses take the opposite approach. They assume you're a dimwit who's content with shallow explanations, quizzes that give you a false sense of understanding, and a pocketful of points. Satisfying? Hardly!

All those points don't matter if getting your app from idea to deployment leaves you in despair over time and opportunity lost.

Your head is dizzy.
Your dreams are dashed.
And who could blame you?!

  • Build your own app from scratch, and be proud of the result
  • Confidently jump into an existing Rails app and make a positive contribution
  • Enjoy a smooth workflow for building apps faster, and better
  • Laugh in the face of error messages (you know how to fix them!)
  • Code, think, and truly "get" the Rails way